Leon’s Triathlon

May 31st, 2016 by


“Leon’s Triathlon will be honoring our military once again through the broadcast of the triathlon on June 4-5 at Wolf Lake Park, Hammond, IN.

This year Leon’s Triathlon will be partnering  with Grieger’s Motor Sales to highlighting the USO and Jeep in their 75th anniversaries.
The opening ceremony of Leon’s Triathlon is dedicated to the military, with the opening of the Garrison Flag, a 21 gun salute and the singing of the National Anthem. There will be approximately 2000 American flags lining the course furnished by Larry, the Flag Man. 

Leon’s Triathlon is nationally broadcast with multiple airings on Comcast Sportsnet Chicago, part of the NBC Sports Group and its affiliates nationwide.

On Saturday the USO and Wired Athletes will be holding a 5K walk and fun run to raise awareness to their cause. Dare2Tri will be holding an injured Military Veterans Clinic and Specialized Bikes will do a special donation drive for the organization. They will also bring bikes to see and try. Sharon Donnelly, Olympian, Olympic coach and co-inventor of the MyFloat, will be holding a clinic on Saturday to demonstrate a pull behind float for those who are not comfortable swimming without a safety device. Military K9 comfort dogs are also scheduled to attend. The clinics will begin at 10am and the public is invited to attend”

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